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Karan Patel

Bigg Boss 11: Karan Again Trolls Hina, Says He Wants To Collect Funds To Treat Her Memory Issue



Twitter has become a favourite medium for everyone to express their views and not just the celebrities but common public too uses the micro-blogging site as per their requirement.

One of the most trending topics on Twitter in India is the reality show Bigg Boss 11 and one contestant who has attracted a lot of criticism is “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” fame Hina Khan.


If you remember, last week some family members and few celebrities visited the house of Bigg Boss and conveyed their messages or thoughts to the contestants.

Actor Karan Patel was also one of them and he slammed Hina for lying inside the house. He also told her that India and crores of people are watching how she is contradicting her own statements. Earlier also, Karan criticised Hina on Twitter and for this he was also trolled by the fans of Hina Khan but at the same time, he got good support too.

Once again Karan Patel took to Twitter and slammed Hina for not correcting her behaviour and he also suggested that funds should be collected to get her memory problem treated as she has once again starting behaving in the same manner.


He tweeted, “Bhai ek baat toh pakki pata chali hai ki Sach sunn ke #MissGrace ki buri tarah Jali hai …  #Hyena ?? … lets all collect a fund to treat her #MemoryProblem because not even a week is over since I visited  and she #Forgot what I told her in the house..! #BigBoss11”

Twitter also reacted over his tweet and trolled Hina. Check out some of the selected reactions:

Hina’s logic:

She’s sick:

She seems to be mad:

Lady Ghajini:


That’s epic:

Chaalu Hina:

Few users wished to see Karan in the next season of Bigg Boss:

Damage Control PR:


What do you have to say about Karan’s tweet? Let us know.

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Karan Patel

Bigg Boss 11: Karan Patel Took A Dig At Hina Khan Over “Chalu” Comment In 2 Sarcastic Tweets



Fights and drama are among the most common yet important elements of the popular reality show Bigg Boss which make it more controversial than any other show. Undoubtedly, this season is more interesting than the last season, thanks to contestants and makers who are constantly introducing interesting twists and turns in the tasks which eventually lead to more chaos in the house.

In recent times, Vikas slammed Hina and called her “Chalu” because she made an attempt to instigate Arshi against him.


His statement offended Hina to a great extent and she warned him not to use such a term. She even went on to thrash him for not having the manners to talk to women on National TV.

Just to inform, Chalu has two meanings; the first one refers to a clever player while the second meaning is characterless. Vikas called Hina Chalu in the first sense but she took it otherwise.


Karan took a dig at Hina in a witty tweet in which he used the word “Chalu” with brilliance and it’s clearly evident that he referred to Hina.


He tweeted, “Arre yeh kya? #MissGrace ne apne #Luv ko hi #Nomination mein #Shove kar diya…. #Chalu jo hua acha hua … come on guys its time for your #DamageControlReplies … chalo #Chalu ho jao …”

The trio of Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi is considered as one of the strongest group in the Bigg Boss 11 but in the episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, something happened which has brought a crack in this group.

This time, Salman Khan asked each contestant to name three contestants whom they feel are not suitable to live in the house. Hina took Luv’s name along with Hiten and Puneesh and it was quite visible that Luv was not happy with it. When Salman asked Luv to comment on it, he said that Hina could have taken someone else’s name and it seems that friendship won’t be that stronger as it used to be earlier.

In another tweet, Karan slammed Hina when he said, “The Oxford Dictionary has just declared that from now, two words #Shameless and #MissGrace mean the same …! #BigBoss11 @BeingSalmanKhan bhai kya #Swag se #LagaiHaiVaat #YehExpressionKyaKehlataHai ?”

Well, this is not for the first time that Karan has said something or tweeted against Hina. In fact, when he visited the Bigg Boss house, he slammed her for being a liar and said that she very easily and often forgets what she says but 130 crore people who are watching her on National TV don’t forget it.

In previous tweets too, Karan lashed out at Hina:

Well, we must say that Karan knows how to play with words. What do you have to say about his tweets? Let us know.

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Karan Patel

Karan Patel Slams Hina Khan & Proves That She’s The Biggest Liar



BB 11 contestant Hina Khan has been the target of the viewers. She has received a lot of backlash for her diplomatic behavior and drama in the house. In fact, her taunts and fights with Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde have made fans angry.

Not only fans, but even TV celebrities are lashing out at her. Recent one to do is Yeh Hain Mohabbatein actor Karan Patel. He has slammed Hina for her lies inside the house and has also used the hashtag #YehGhatiyapanKyaKehlataHai. Karan shared 2 videos of Hina on Twitter and explained everyone Hina’s definition of GRACE.

Firstly, have a look at the BIGGEST lie of Hina;

Click here to watch the video directly on Twitter.

In the courtroom drama, Hina said that the lingerie issue was only between herself and Ben and no one else had heard it. But after watching the video, we know the reality!

And now, Hina’s definition of GRACE as per Karan.

Click here to watch the video on Twitter.

Even couple of days back, Karan had taken an indirect dig at Hina;

To which, Hina’s BF Rocky had replied;

He embedded Karan’s violent video to show how graceful he is.

To this, Karan once again gave a perfect reply..

God knows when this drama will end; the war of words on Twitter is getting intense day by day.

What do you think?

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