Bigg Boss Exposes Hina Khan’s Big Lie in Front Of Arshi. This Episode Will Break All TRP Records

With Bigg Boss season 11 moving ahead, the level of drama is also increasing.


In past some time, we saw tensions escalating among the contestants and now in the new episode, we’ll witness some drama in the friendship of Hina Khan and Arshi Khan.

In the sneak peek of upcoming episode, it has been shown that Bigg Boss introduces a new task called CP plus task.

Under this task, 3 contestants can remotely view the unseen footage of the house and find out who gossips about them behind the back.

Hina Khan announces the task and reads out that 1st contestant who can watch the footage is Arshi Khan. Now Arshi Khan has to decide who will be the next two contestants and she takes the names of Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan.


This is where the drama unfolds. As Arshi Khan goes to watch the footage, she is shocked to see her friend Hina along with Luv, Priyank and Benafsha gossiping about her dress.

The video hurts Arshi and that is clearly visible on her face. Have a look-

Click Here to watch the video on Twitter.

Don’t you think this is just too sensational? We just can’t wait to see what happens after Arshi comes to know about the truth of Hina. This episode will surely break all the TRP records.

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