The Richest Person Of India, Mukesh Ambani Doesn’t Carry Cash Or Credit Card. Here’s Why

Mukesh Ambani is one of the most powerful names in the world currently. With a total worth of 2,63,888 crores, Mukesh Ambani is easily the richest person in India.


But what’s the reason behind this giant success and the power that is still increasing by leaps and bounds? Well, it’s the right thought process and the willpower of taking most difficult decisions.

Apart from all the good things that Mukesh Ambani carries as his personality, he is also very unique in quite many ways.

For example, it has been learnt that despite being so rich, Mukesh Ambani never carries cash or credit card with him. Mukesh Ambani talked about the same while addressing the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit 2017 in New Delhi. He said-

“I always have someone else pay for me. That works.”

He also explained that money has never meant much for him and he has always believed in the idea of taking risks-

“To me, resources only enable you to take risks.”


Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance JIO has been alleged for disrupting the Indian Telecom market. Agreeing on the allegations, he said that Jio had caused a disruption but that eventually benefits the end-consumer which is the goal. He said-

“If the country is moving forward, consumer is being benefitted, then it is worth taking those losses. Some of us are big boys who can afford to take those losses.”

This is why, he is “The Mukesh Ambani”. A person who can think above the profits can losses only can touch the unexplored skies. Mukesh Ambani without a doubt is doing that.

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