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Video Of A Kashmiri Kid Reporting On Snowfall Goes Viral, People Can’t Believe How Cute She Is



There has been fresh snowfall in the Kashmir Valley which has practically brought daily life to a stand still, owing to a sudden drop in temperature.

However, that doesn’t mean children there aren’t making the most of this opportunity to have fun and make merry. Some kids have come up with this devious strategy of making tunnels where they can hide from their parents.

In a video that has now gone viral, this young Kashmiri girl is seen pretending to be a journalist. She uses a marble slab as a mic and even interviews other kids.

Watch the video here:

People are praising her innocence and are calling her too pure! They’re amazed at how adorable this girl is, who probably wants to be a journalist when she grows up.

Check out what they’re saying:











What do you have to say about her reporting? Let’s hope she achieves her dreams!


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